Center of Excellence for the Reception and Integration of Refugees and Migrants

The Integrationshaus in Vienna’s Leopoldstadt is a recognised competence centre for the reception and integration of refugees, migrants, children and young people. Its services in the areas of housing and accommodation, psychosocial care, social educational care, support and counselling, education and labour market integration as well as training for volunteers have been provided for the past 29 years.

The needs of people with increased care requirements, such as traumatized persons, single parents or unaccompanied and accompanied minors, as well as children and teenagers who cannot live with their families for various reasons, are of particular importance. With its expertise, the Integrationshaus stands for the protection of refugees, for solidarity and mutual respect, for multilingualism, diversity and human rights, and is a pioneer in the care of people seeking protection both nationally and internationally.


Accomplishments of Integrationshaus in 2023

A total of 5,572 people from 72 countries received advice, help and support across the various Integrationshaus

  • Housing with psychosocial or socio-educational support: 296 people
  • Courses focusing on basic education, language acquisition and the labour market: 369 people
  • Counselling - from youth coaching to psychosocial and legal counselling: 4,647 people
  • Volunteers supporting clients from Integrationshaus: 260
  • Employees: 175

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