Center of Excellence for the Reception and Integration of Refugees and Migrants

Based in the Vienna district of Leopoldstadt, the Integrationshaus is a center of excellence for the reception and integration of refugees and migrants. For the past 27 years, Integrationshaus has offered them assistance with needs-based support in the fields of lodging and accommodation, psychosocial care, support and consulting as well as socio-pedagogical support, labor-market integration, education and educational guidance.

A particular focus is on the needs of people requiring special care, such as those who have undergone trauma, single parents, and both accompanied and unaccompanied minors. The approach is to bring the expertise to bear in protecting refugees, promoting solidarity and mutual respect, diversity and human rights in a wide variety of languages. With its holistic approach, the Integrationshaus is considered a pioneer on both the national and international level.


Accomplishments of Integrationshaus in 2022

A total of 5,175 people received advice, help and support across the various Integrationshaus

  • Residents in Psychosocial Care and Social Pedagogy: 330
  • Participants in educational courses: 309
  • Clients at Counseling Center and at Educational Counseling: 4.319
  • Volunteers supporting clients from Integrationshaus: 220


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