Project m.o.v.e. on - Educational Guidance

The youth-coaching project m.o.v.e. on is the Integrationshaus’s educational-guidance program. It is part of the Professional Assistance
Network (NEBA) and supports young people from age 15 to 19. In some cases it can include young people up to the age of 24, helping them make the transition from an educational setting to a job or profession. For those under high-school age, counseling takes place directly at public schools. Older students receive counseling at select upper secondary schools in Vienna’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 20th districts. Young people who are no longer in school come to the counseling centers.

Facts of Educational Guidance in 2022

  • Clients: 2,439
  • Age of clients: 14 to 23
  • Most frequent countries of origin: Austria, Syria, Afghanistan
  • Employees: 28
  • Languages spoken by the team: 15

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DSA Yasmin de Silva, MA
Tel: +43-699- 1 212 35 43

DSA Mario Dirlinger, MA
Tel: +43-699- 1 212 35 07