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People who had to flee their country have gone through horrible experiences because of violence, war or terror. In Austria, they are trying to rebuild an independent, safe life with great effort and dedication. Regardless of where they are from, Integrationshaus offers professional care and support to refugees and asylum seekers in particular. Integrationshaus is currently expanding its range of accommodation, care and counselling services to also provide space and support to refugees from Ukraine.

We need your help for this:

Financing care services and ensuring their quality is a difficult task every year. Public funding alone is not sufficient to finance all projects for our residents and clients. Expanding accommodation, care and counselling due to the refugees from Ukraine poses an additional challenge. Individual projects, such as legal counselling or childcare projects, are financed exclusively through donations. Equally, only private donations or company donations allow us to maintain the infrastructure of the Integrationshaus.

Please help with your donation - give refugees hope for a safe future in these difficult times!

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