Counselling Centre for Asylum Seekers and Refugees Receiving Basic Welfare Support

Dear Clients!

Until further notice, we offer you our consultation and support due to the "corona virus crisis" and the associated risk of infection by phone: 01/33 44 592 and by email:

Urgent and important documents can still be processed by us.

Your advisors are still available for you by phone and email!

Personal conversations are only possible if there is a high urgency with prior clarification by phone.

Thank you for your understanding!

All the best for the next few weeks!

Your team at the consultation centre.


Who are we?
Integrationshaus is an organization providing advice and support for refugees in several languages.

Who do we advise?
We offer free advice to people receiving basic welfare support (asylum seekers, recognised refugees, people granted subsidiary protection and others) who live in Vienna (in private or organised accommodation).

In which languages do we provide advice?
Arabic, Bosnian/Croat/Serbian, Chinese, English, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, and Turkish. For other languages and if necessary, translators will be called in.

General social counselling on the following subjects
· Basic welfare support
· Housing
· Contacts to agencies and public authorities
· Work
· Vocational and further training
· Education
· Kindergarten and school
· Health
· Orientation and social environment
· Legal issues
· Experience of violence (especially by women and girls)
· Discrimination

For people who do not speak German well as yet, the counsellors can arrange volunteers who will assist and accompany them.

If needed, we arrange support by our free and independent legal advice unit!
· Advice on and contacts to language courses, education and training providers
· Clarification of qualifications, skills and competences
· Assistance in preparing job application documents
· Assistance in finding a job

· Assistance in finding a flat
· Assistance in preparing housing applications
· Assistance in drawing up a budget plan
· Accompaniment to appointments for viewing flats and signing tenancy agreements

Youth and young adults
· Assistance in becoming autonomous
· Help in planning a daily structure
· Counselling on youth-specific issues
· Support regarding legal issues

Women and girls
· Support for single mothers
· Counselling related to violence experienced
· Counselling on physical and mental health
· Support in personal crises
· Counselling on relationship issues: raising children, divorce, custody, separation

People suffering from mental stress
· Stabilisation appointments
· Assistance in getting accommodation for people with elevated care needs
· Help in finding a therapy place
· Legal advice on the representation of adults

The Counselling Centre is wheelchair-accessible!



Tel.: +43-1-33 44 592



Beratungsstelle für Asylwerber*innen und Flüchtlinge in der Grundversorgung
Schweidlgasse 38
1020 Wien

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